News 2019

December 2019

We congratulate the following Test passes: John Penty (observer Graham Smith) and Abi Nelson (observer Viv Silverman)

November 2019

The group congratulates Terezie Škorvagova (observer Nigel Mason) on passing the Advanced Driver test, and Tara Ridgeway on achieving a F1rst pass (observer Don Firminger).

October 2019

We congratulate Milen Valchev (observer Sean Pearce) on passing his Commercial Advanced Driver test.

September 2019

Congratulations from the group to Julia Clifton (observer Peter Gunn) for passing her Advanced Driver Test.

August 2019

Congratulations go to Som Gill (observer Peter Woolley) and Jimmy Conway (observer Peter Gunn) on passing their Advanced Driver tests.

July 2019

The group congratulates V Panchapakesan for achieving a F1rst pass (observer Keith Chanter) and David Youens (observer Tim Nicholson) on passing the Advanced Driver test.

May 2019

The group congratulates Tim Fernando with a F1rst pass (observer Don Firminger) and June Meloni (observer Viv Silverman) on passing the Advanced Driver test.