High Wycombe Group IAM GDPR & Privacy Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 [GDPR] came into effect on 25 May 2018.

The regulation requires the accountable management of personal data provided to the Group by its members.

The High Wycombe Group of Advanced Motorists maintains a list of its members on a computer based database. The information held is provided by members.

The data consists of personal details such as name, postal and email addresses and telephone numbers.

Added to this are details of date joined, age, subscriptions paid, vehicle used and preparation for & date of passing the advanced test.

The data is used by the Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Observers to:

1. Enable communication about and records of progress on members' preparation for the Advanced Driving Test.

2. Maintain a record of membership subscriptions paid and account details for standing orders.

3. Allow the group to communicate notices, newsletters and information on Group matters to members.

The information held will be used only for the specific purposes shown above.

The Group will not share any information held on its database with third parties.

This GDPR and privacy Policy of the High Wycombe Group of Advanced Motorists is published on the Group's website and will be provided to any member requesting a copy.

All members are required to consent to the use of their private data.

NB: The application form signed when you joined the Group included the following consent, which is continued by contract of membership:

I/We consent to this information being kept strictly for club records only and understand that it will not be passed on to a third party at anytime without consent.

The Group Data Protection Officer is the group Membership Secretary, who you may contact if you wish to enact any of your rights to personal data under the GDPR.