High Wycombe IAM - What's it all about?

We are passionate about Road Safety and reducing the number of accidents and deaths on our Roads.

High Wycombe Advanced Motorists are affiliated to the IAM RoadSmart, and we help people to bring their standard of driving up to that required to pass the Advanced Driving Test, with a view to becoming a safer driver.

This is done by assigning each Associate to an Observer who is qualified to advise and assist the Associate on how to enchance their driving skills. This can take several observed drives each lasting for 60 to 90 minutes.

After completing a number of observed drives, the Associate may well be ready to take the test. In order to confirm this and give the Associate more experience of what the test involves, a check drive with a separate National Observer is carried out and, if that goes well, then the Associate will be recommended to apply for the test.

The test is carried out by the holder of a Police Class 1 Licence - a Traffic Officer - and lasts for up to 90 minutes, covering all types of roads and motorways, testing knowledge of speed limits, Highway Code and general driving ability. At the end a review is carried out and you will be advised of the outcome.

To join the High Wycombe Group as an Associate you first need to purchase the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver Course from the IAM website. This covers the membership of the Group, the test, IAM membership for a year (once you have passed the test), an Advanced Driver Course Logbook, and a reasonable number of drives to bring you up to the advanced standard.

Once an Associate has passed the Advanced Driving Test, they become a Full Member of both IAM RoadSmart and the High Wycombe Group; and may well also be invited to continue and train to become a Local Observer themselves.

The group is a charitable organisation and all members of the committe and the Observers are volunteers; we depend on support of our members to continue to provide this invaluable service to the driving community.

Achieving the skills to pass the Advanced Driving Test not only ensures that you may be come a safer driver, but also means that you become more relaxed, and that driving can be more fun too!