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"I found the course more demanding than I expected but more valuable, in consequence. The booklet was fine and the stimulus to read the new Highway Code was a bonus. I much enjoyed our sessions together, which made clear the standards expected."
Tony Hatton, January 2023.
"I was gifted my Advanced Driver Course with IAM Roadsmart and I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions. I have gained skills and knowledge which I will continue to use every time I drive. As a result of these sessions and passing the Advanced Driving Test, I feel I have gained confidence and found more enjoyment in driving. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who may be considering it!"
Louise Geary (nee White), December 2022.
"I'd truly recommend the IAM Advanced Drivers course to anyone. I feel it 's particularly beneficial to any young drivers, like myself, who can form lifelong habits from the course teachings and learnt driving techniques. The course made me more aware, more controlled, more confident and all round a safer driver on the roads. It 's a great experience and incredible value for money... it 's a no brainier! Thank you to IAM, and particularly my Observer for guiding me through such a worthwhile course."
Lottie Supple, Oct 2022.
"I can highly recommend this course. Having passed my test 35 years ago I had picked up more than a few bad habits and realised the Highway Code had 36 more pages that I had never read! My assigned Observer guided me through the course over 12 sessions and helped me consolidate my good driving skills as well as develop new ones. Although I did find the course challenging I was very glad I didn't drop out. As a result of completing the course and passing the Advanced Driving Test my confidence and ability in driving has improved immensely and I now enjoy driving again as opposed to seeing it as a chore."
Guy Stroud, April 2022
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