Events - Ultimate Car Control day

Six members of the Group attended a day on the Ultimate Car Control Jaguar DEK Experience. DEK stands for Driver Encoded Knowledge � and the DEK Dynamics Experience gives drivers an in-depth understanding of vehicle dynamics and why the car behaves as it does in extreme situations.

The day is organised by former British Touring Car Champion Robb Gravett at the Transport Research Laboratory in Crowthorne. Robb and his friendly team of highly qualified performance driving instructors (ex-police and RoSpa examiners) were on hand throughout the day to guide and assist us.

The day began with presentations on road safety and car control, particularly with regard to the various forces produced by the vehicle in acceleration, hard braking and cornering before we were let loose on the five different brand new Jaguar models! Everyone took turns in each of the XF, XJ, XK, XKR and the simply staggering supercharged XFR on slalom courses, driving to drive as fast as possible, but also smoothly without hitting any cones!

After an excellent lunch in the TRL restaurant, we were then able to drive each of the cars for four laps around an extended course, as fast as possible, but leaving braking until the last moment before swerving around the cones! This was followed by a practical exercise in guessing the braking distance for the XFR at various speeds � very different from the classroom when you are out on the tarmac next to it!

The day closed with Robb Gravett presenting certificates to those taking part in recognition of successfully completing the practical and theory aspects of the DEK Executive advanced driving techniques course.

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Thanks to Peter Gunn for the event report and photographs