Events- Wildcat Hovercraft racing, Maidenhead

On Sunday 26th April 2009, a group of us went to Wildcat Hovercraft in Maidenhead to go hovercraft racing. Having never been before, I confess I brought along a change of clothes thinking I was going to get soaked!

The weather was superb, a light breeze and no rain meant over 2 hours of fun- everyone trying out their own techniques for getting the craft round the bends and trying to stay away from the long grass and the electricity pylon! The guys were on hand with a quad bike though (Quadzilla) for anyone who did get stuck.

Everybody had 3 sessions of two laps each (all timed) and the fastest 3 went though to the final. Rob Adkins came through and stormed to victory with a sub 3 minute time for 2 laps (all times to be posted here shortly!)

This event was such a success- it will definitely happen again. If you'd like to come along to any of our events then please email our events co-ordinator