Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does passing the advanced test reduce my insurance?
A. IAM RoadSmart have an affiliated Insurance with IAM Surety which aims to cut premiums for members. See IAM RoadSmart FAQs for details.

Q. Can I take the test in an automatic car?
A. Yes

Q. I am disabled, will that matter?
A. Not at all.

Q. Do you have female observers?
A. At present we do not. We are actively encourage female members to become Observers.

Q. What is the age range of the membership?
A. From 17 upwards.

Q. I have points on my licence can I still take the test?
A. Yes you can.

Q. How long does it all take?
A. This depends on various factors. The Observers are volunteers, and there can often be several weeks before an observer is available for allocation. Then observed drives are arranged at mutually convenient times. We encourage Assoicates to have regular Observed drives, spaced no more than 2-3 weeks between and with plenty of practise in between. Most Associates take between 6 to 20 drives to be considered test ready, however there are no real hard limits. Ideally an Associate should take the test within a year of joining the local Group.

Any other questions can be directed to the Group and will be replied to promptly.